To dream with open eyes

“Believe in your dream” is a phrase we often hear.

Now I will ask you to believe in MY dream. Help it come true. Help bridge the gap, the abyss, between music and politics.

The first always works for harmony (even in dissonant pieces we move together towards a common goal), the second is built on part(ie)s, separation, and the clash and competitions between parts. The one is built on harmony, the other on separatism and partisan interests.

If we could get them closer to each other — at least getting politics closer to music — wonderful things might happen. Dissonances resolved, enmity turning to agreement, war morphing into friendship.

That is my strong conviction.

Give music a chance — to change the world. We have given peace many chances but perhaps we used the wrong tools. I do not believe that current politics, itself built on differences, competition and power struggles, is the right tool for creating harmonious peace.

Music, rightly understood and used, is.

Now let’s crack the code.

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